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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Corey Goes to College!!

Wow I have been a college student for over two weeks now and it is kinda crazy! I am on the BYU lacrosse team and we have our first game for the fall season on friday! College life is the best! Im living in good ole helaman halls. They treat me well. My roomie is a 120 pound biker so he fits right in with my famished brothers. I pretty much dominate the college life! its been rad to meet a ton of new people. Im kinda disappointed in the number of jerks there still is here at P-town though but hey what can you do?! Kellen is a TA for two of my classes so there is two A's right there! (Kellen pay attention to that last sentence) My friend pchachi just arrived in australia for his mission so he is doing great! Jarom is in the MTC and i wanna go in there with my name tag way bad but i think jarom would kill me so i prob wont!