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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sugar and Pcachachachiiiie Adventures in the Outback!!

On a recent weekend night my good russian friend whom we will call Pchachi (prounounced Bacccghai) and myself decided to go on a adventure! We were at a house with multiple other rowdy teenagers near Sego Lily and 7th east when we made a unanimous decision to hightail ourselves to Jerry Thunders house approximately 2.735683 clicks up the road. On our way we encountered a large garbage dump on the curb and therefore looked through it looking for neat toys and stuff. We found a pair of plastic golf clubs and continued on our way. We traveled about 100 yards up the road when we heard a truck pull up to the garbage pile that appeared to have a bunch of loud high school aged kids in the back. So, me and pchachi being the wise fellows that we are, decided that he should charge the truck and defend our garbage pile! He procedeed to run at the truck full speed swing the club and shouting "trash robbers"! when he got to the hood of the car he realized that their was young kids in the back of the truck and the teenager driving the truck was actually a 40 year old bearded beast man who jumped out of the truck and yelled choice words at Pcachi. upon hearing this and pchachis laugh i decided to start running away! the truck followed us and i (in a very french manner) hid behind a car while the truck pulled up behind my friend! the old guy jumped out of the car and charged at my friend which made him start to swing his club at him. The man exclaimed curse words and stated that he just got out of prison, so pchachi told him to "go back to prison then!'' He then proceeded to call the cops and we started running! we knew a friend who lived close by so we started jumping fences. we jumped onto the kids driveway and stowed away at his house until Tot came and rescued us. As we were going to Tots car the neighbor across the street informed us that she had just seen multiple cop cars drive by! oh shoot what a intense night!